Safe at Home program now provides address confidentiality to assault survivors

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has announced that survivors of assault are now eligible to enroll in the Safe at Home address confidentiality program overseen by his office.

Previously, participants included survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, and stalking. The expansion of the program is part of a new law signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds on June 17.

“We want all Iowans to be safe and feel protected in their own homes, especially those who have already endured a violent crime,” Secretary Pate said. “By having their address hidden, survivors don’t have to worry about constantly looking over their shoulder. It makes it a lot harder for their abuser to find them.”

Iowa’s Safe at Home program began in January 2016 and currently includes more than 675 participants across more than 60 counties. Someone enrolled in Safe at Home receives a legal-substitute address that can be utilized on public and private records, in place of their actual address. Additionally, their mail is forwarded by Safe at Home. Confidential voter registration and absentee balloting is provided. The program provides an extra layer of security for survivors at no cost to them.

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